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The PRC Medical Marijuana Menu:

Welcome to the PRC San Pedro medicinal marijuana menu page. Since May of 2009, our co-op patient-cultivators have endeavored to maintain a wide selection and variety of high-quality medicines that have been proven to provide relief for patients with painful or debilitating symptoms of many select afflictions and disabilities such as Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV/AIDS, Arthritis, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, and Multiple Sclerosis. Each selection is in strict compliance with Proposition 215 (California Health & Safety Code 11362.5) and SB 420.

The medical marijuana menu below includes a complete listing of our current Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains, as well as the weights and associated contribution costs for each. Our patient-cultivators provide 100% of the medicinal marijuana at PRC – the highest-quality medical marijuana available to the San Pedro and South Bay area. Although some selections and products may be seasonal, the patient-cultivators at PRC are often available to help registered co-op member-patients select medicinal marijuana products that will best benefit their symptoms and concerns.

As specific strains have been known to provide more effective relief than others in treating certain maladies, member-patients who are unfamiliar with the differences between the products and strains may wish to read about the differences on our Indica vs. Sativa page. If you have further questions, please feel free to confer with one of our patient-cultivators during your next visit.

Note: For those member-patients who prefer not to inhale smoke, the PRC co-op menu offers many premium concentrates, edibles, specialty products, and tinctures (on occasion).

1g 1/8th 1/4th 1/2oz 1oz




$30Caviar Gold
$25/65/100/175/300Diablo OG
True Saint
Deep Sleep
Skywalker OG
Platinum Alien OG
Planetary OG
Platinum Deadhead OG
Stellar OGCannalope Haze
Train Wreck
Berry White
Blue Crack
$15/45/80/125/250 THC Crystal
Big Buddah Cheese
Julius Caesar
Power Kush
Bubba Nepal
OG Kush
Afghan Kush
Chocolate Bubba
Lemon Gold
Silver Haze
Dream Rock
Lamb's Bread
Jack Herer
Pot O` Gold
Sour OG
Chem 91
Bull Shark
Confidential Shark
$15/40/70/105/200 Kandy Kush
Baby DreamOchiesel
$10/35/60/90/175Lil' Arjan's Haze
Jack Wreck

$9/30/55/85/155Black Widow
Wildfire OG
Black Jack
Sour Sage
Low Rider
Purple Gorilla
$3 gram onlyStrawberry Low Rider $3/g
Chocolate Thai Stick $3/g
2 for 1 special (Donate for 1 get 1 FREE) Purple Urkle
Purple Beefeater
Supreme Dream
Diesel Wreck
Pineapple Chunk
Casey Jones
White Castle
ShakePremium Shake Blend (9 gram/30 eighth)

House Shake (7 gram/ 25 eighth)

Diablo OG Shake (140 oz)
True Saint (140 oz)

True Saint Shake (140 oz)
Premium Shake Blend (9 gram/30 eighth)

House Shake (7 gram/ 25 eighth)

Blue Dream Shake (140 oz.)
Alien Dawg Shake (120 oz.)
Green Crack Shake (120 oz)
House Shake (7 gram/ 25 eighth)





Fire OG Goo $30/g
Purple OG Goo $42
Red Ribbon OG Crumble $40/g
Girl Scout Cookies Caviar $35/g
OG Crumble $40/g
Space Jack $55/g
Sour OG Goo $35/g
Mental Floss Crumble $40/g
Pine Kush $30/g
Dogtown Daze $30/g
Chocolate Daze Goo $35/g
Dynamite OG Goo $30/g
A-Train Goo $30/g
HashMVTF Hash $17/g
Blue Lights Hash $30/g
Skunk Hash $27/g
Diamond Kief $50/g
Black Widow Hash $14/g
Paradise Hash $12/g
Blue Dream Hash $26/g
Mango Hash $26/g
Carmelo Hash $28/g
Sour Diesel Hash $25/g
Etc. Premium Oil $35/g
Cavi Cone $20
Legendary Squeeze $35
Legendary E-Cig $40
Clear Eyes $2.50
Element Papers $4
Samples Any Hash $5Any Earwax $7Full Melt $7
Bubble Hash $5


Mrs. Feel GoodCheesecake $10

Pumpkin Surprise $10Heath Crunch Blondie $10
Caviar Gold & Venice Cookie Co.CannaButter $22
CaviTaffy (200mg) $16
CaviTaffy (100mg) $8
VCC 420 180mg Milk Chocolate Bar $18
VCC 420 180mg Dark Chocolate Bar w/ sea salt $18
KivaTerra Bites $15
180mg Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate Bar $20
180mg Tangerine Dark Chocolate Bar $20
180mg Vanilla Chai Chocolate Bar $20
180mg Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar $20
Kiva Mini's 15mg $3
Kiva Mini's 45mg $6
Chronic KitchenGanja Goldfish $8Weed Cheesy Bites $8Amazing Animal Crackers $8
Canna Catering
Misc.Sativa Brownie $8
House Cookies $5
Honey Sticks $5
Verdure Brownie $8
Gluten Free Canatonic Chocolate Chip Bar $8
TKOFruity Krispy $6
Cocoa Krispy $6
PB & J Krispy $6
Traditional Krispy $6
Peanut Butter Cookies $6
Red Velvet Cookies $6
Chocolate Chip Cookies $6
Cookies & Cream $6


MomsMVTF $40
Black Water $40
Lavender $40
Kandy Kush $40
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies $40
Purple Kush $40
Aryjans Haze $40
Pegasus $40
ClonesMVTF $15
Chem Valley Kush $15
Black Water $15
Kandy Kush $15
Blue Dream $15
Acid $15
Chem Dawg $15
Xj-13 $15
Pegasus $15
2 for $30

The PRC San Pedro Dispensary
All Day, Every Day Specials:



Monthly Special – :

-ANY 1/8th weighed out at 5 GRAMS & ANY 1/4th weighed out at 9 GRAMS!! (Excludes private reserve, reserve, early bird & 2 for 1 specials)


2 for 1 Gram Special 

- Everyday Donate for 1/g get 1 FREE! (Excludes other specials, limit 1)


Early Bird Specials (9am-11am):

- Donate $60 or more and receive a FREE 8th of choice!

(excluding reserve & other specials)


‘Till 4:20 (3:00pm-4:20pm):

- FREE gram of Showroom Jar Shake with ANY donation


The PRC Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Pedro gladly accepts cash contributions, VISA and Master Card.visa-mastercard*