P.R. Collective

Medical Marijuana Dispensary – San Pedro, CA


PRC Medical Marijuana Concentrates:

At PRC, we understand that some of our member-patients prefer not to inhale smoke. Therefore, the PRC co-op menu offers many premium concentrates – including wax, hash, oil, and keif – made from our Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains.
If you are unfamiliar with medical marijuana concentrates, it should be stated that each product is a concentrated form of the active component found in medical marijuana, i.e., THC and other cannabinoids (terpenophenolic compounds present in cannabis). Although there are many different types of sub-categories for medical marijuana and cannabis concentrates, there are four main sub-categories: Wax, Hash, Oil, and Keif. Each type is produced by separating the cannabinoids from the plant matter.

Types of Medical Marijuana Concentrates Available

Wax is a potent medical marijuana product (extracted cannabinoid product) that can contain up to 80% THC. The typical wax product is often golden in color and crumbly. Due to the potency of wax product, it is recommended that member-patients use very small amounts.

HashHash is a compressed, concentrated resin product that often comes in solid or resinous forms with THC content up to 70% or more. Hash is one of the oldest (historically) cannabis concentrate products and is widely utilized in baked edibles.


Oils, typically Hash oils, are a concentrated and potent THC product made through a cannabis extraction process that utilizes isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, agitation and evaporation. As with wax products, oils should be used with care due to their potency.



Keif is a loose, dry collection of resin glands (crystalline trichomes) that are harvested by sifting medicinal marijuana buds through a mesh screen where the resulting keif is shaken off and collected in dust form. Keif is often used to make hash.

If you are a member-patient and have further questions about medicinal marijuana products and concentrates, please feel free to confer with one of our patient-cultivators during your next visit.

Concentrates Menu:




Fire OG Goo $30/g
Purple OG Goo $42
Red Ribbon OG Crumble $40/g
Girl Scout Cookies Caviar $35/g
OG Crumble $40/g
Space Jack $55/g
Sour OG Goo $35/g
Mental Floss Crumble $40/g
Roger Rabbit $33/g
Pine Kush $30/g
Dogtown Daze $30/g
Chocolate Daze Goo $35/g
Dynamite OG Goo $30/g
A-Train Goo $30/g
420 OG $50/g
HashMVTF Hash $17/g
Crazy Hash $15/g
Black Widow Hash $14/g
Paradise Hash $12/g
Etc. Premium Oil $35/g
Cavi Cone $20
Legendary Squeeze $35
Legendary E-Cig $40
Clear Eyes $2.50
Element Papers $4
Samples Any Hash $5Any Earwax $7Full Melt $7
Bubble Hash $5